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Gif of Big Man

" Big Man !! "

Big Man is the most laid-back member of Deep Cut, often mediating his groupmates when they get overly excited. He often works as the voice of reason in this sense. However, he's not stuffy. He also loves fun and having a good time, as evidenced by his usage of puns and his tendency to look on the bright side! He's also hardly lazy, despite being laid-back. He's the lyricist and producer for Deep Cut's music, and is a noted hard worker!

Big Man was born into the Manta Clan, well-known and well-respected within Splatlands. He had an interest in music and was skilled at the piano by the time he was in middle school. This piano skill is what brought Shiver and Frye to him when they decided they wanted musical accompaniment for their singing.

Big Man is the only male main idol in Splatoon, and the only non-inkfish main idol. But don't let his silly appearance fool you! I've seen people call Deep Cut things like, "An idol duo plus their dog," in relation to Big Man... This is simply not true. Big Man is no less sentient or less of an individual than Shiver or Frye! There is nothing to imply that he is less intelligent than his bandmates. He is their equal!

I see Big Man as a bisexual with an unlabeled gender (cis-ish). I also see him as in a polycule with his bandmates! I imagine he was much more on Shiver and Frye's level as a child; much more energetic, and also more quick to frustration. But, as he got older, he learned healthy coping mechanisms for his energy and for his anger, which leads to his more mellow disposition today.

Big Man's Splatfest team choices are as follows:

🢂 Rock vs Paper vs Scissors: Scissors

🢂 Gear vs Grub vs Fun: Fun

🢂 Spicy vs Sweet vs Sour: Sour

🢂 Dark Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate vs White Chocolate: White chocolate

🢂 Nessie vs Aliens vs Bigfoot: Bigfoot

🢂 Power vs Wisdom vs Courage: Courage

🢂 Vanilla vs Strawberry vs Mint Choco: Mint choco

🢂 Money vs Fame vs Love: Love

🢂 Shiver vs Frye vs Big Man: Big Man