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" Marina !! "

Marina Ida is more reserved than Pearl, and speaks in a sweet and gentle manner. She's a bit shy and even timid sometimes, but can get sassy if provoked. She's a little bit forgetful, but has an extremely high level of intelligence. She skipped a few grades while in the Octarian army, creates battle stages using advanced Octarian tech, and is a hacker.

Marina is super enthusiastic regarding the tech she's so proficient in. She is also a fan of manga, and draws in a style reminiscent of shoujo manga. Her go-to weapon is the Splat Brella. She canonically has romantic feelings for Pearl (whether or not Pearl feels the same way is not canon, but it's implied that she does).

I headcanon Marina as a bisexual trans girl! I also see her as autistic (here's a cool thread on her autistic traits)! I think she'll stomp her feet and squeal when she gets excited, and started drawing almost immediately after leaving the Octarian army, to stave off boredom due to not being able to fiddle with tech for a long while.

Marina's Splatfest team choices are as follows:

🢂 Cake vs Ice Cream: Ice cream

🢂 Mayo vs Ketchup: Ketchup

🢂 Flight vs Invisibility: Invisibility

🢂 Vampire vs Werewolf: Werewolf

🢂 Sci-Fi vs Fantasy: Fantasy

🢂 Christmas Sweaters vs Socks: Christmas Socks

🢂 Action vs Comedy: Comedy

🢂 Money vs Love: Love

🢂 Chicken vs Egg: Egg

🢂 Baseball vs Soccer: Soccer

🢂 Raph vs Leo: Leo

🢂 Mikey vs Donnie: Donnie

🢂 Raph vs Donnie: Donnie

🢂 Orange Juice With Pulp vs Without Pulp: Orange juice without pulp

🢂 Squid vs Octopus: Octopus

🢂 Fork vs Spoon: Spoon

🢂 Retro vs Modern: Modern

🢂 Trick vs Treat: Treat

🢂 Salsa vs Guacamole: Guacamole

🢂 Hero vs Villain: Villain

🢂 Family vs Friends: Friends

🢂 Pancakes vs Waffles: Waffles

🢂 Knight vs Wizard: Wizard

🢂 Unicorn vs Narwhal: Narwhal

🢂 Front-Facing Toilet Paper Roll vs Back-Facing Toilet Paper Roll: Back-facing toilet paper roll

🢂 Warm Breakfast vs Cold Breakfast: Cold breakfast

🢂 Film vs Book: Book

🢂 Anti-Gherkin On Burgers vs Pro-Gherkin On Burgers: Pro-gherkin on burgers

🢂 Salty vs Sweet: Sweet

🢂 Adventure vs Relax: Relax

🢂 Eat The Best Bit First vs Save It For Last: Save it for last

🢂 Hare vs Tortoise: Tortoise

🢂 Time Travel vs Teleportation: Teleportation

🢂 Kid vs Grown-Up: Grown-up

🢂 Super Mushroom vs Super Star: Super Star

🢂 Rock vs Pop: Pop

🢂 Fries vs McNuggets: McNuggets

🢂 Dexterity vs Endurance: Endurance

🢂 Deep-Fried Meat With Lemon vs Without Lemon: Without lemon

🢂 Inner Wear vs Outer Wear: Outer wear

🢂 Champion vs Challenger: Challenger

🢂 Hana vs Dango: Dango

🢂 Newest vs Most Popular: Most popular

🢂 New Lifeform vs Future Tech: Future tech

🢂 Hello Kitty vs Cinnamoroll: Cinnamoroll

🢂 My Melody vs Pompompurin: Pompompurin

🢂 Hello Kitty vs My Melody: My Melody

🢂 Mushroom Mountain vs Bamboo Shoot Village: Bamboo Shoot Village

🢂 Tsubuan vs Koshian: Koshian

🢂 Pocky Chocolate vs Pocky: Gokuboso: Pocky: Gokuboso

🢂 Tsubuan vs Koshian: Koshian

🢂 Boke vs Tsukkomi: Tsukkomi

🢂 Ce vs Pa: Pa

🢂 Pro-Pineapple On Pizza vs Anti-Pineapple On Pizza: Pro-pineapple

🢂 Chaos vs Order: Order