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" Marie !! "

Marie Cuttlefish is the more relaxed and the quieter of the Squid Sisters, with a penchant for sarcasm. When giving a smile, it's usually a half-grin. She's overall friendly, but can be cheeky and a slight bit grumpy. Though she doesn't show it outwordly the most often, she actually worries deeply over those she loves. As such, it seems to be implied that she plays up her ribbing of Callie for the camera. She tends to repeat herself when excited!

Marie dislikes overly-active activities, even being a slight bit lazy at times, and also dislikes vegetables (notably tomatoes). She likes the charger class of weapons.

I headcanon Marie as an aromantic trans girl. (All bright-green characters are aromantic! I don't make the rules!) I also see her as being autistic and depressed; both of which attributing to her more lazy tendencies. Unlike her outgoing cousin, I see her as struggling with the spotlight more, and often opting out of misc celebrity obligations due to being overwhelmed. I think she does some coding as a side-hobby.

Marie's Splatfest team choices are as follows:

🢂 Cats vs Dogs: Dogs

🢂 Roller Coasters vs Water Slides: Water slides

🢂 Marshmallows vs Hot Dogs: Hot dogs

🢂 Autobots vs Decepticons: Decepticons

🢂 Art vs Science: Science

🢂 Cars vs Planes: Planes

🢂 Pirates vs Ninjas: Ninjas

🢂 Burgers vs Pizza: Pizza

🢂 Naughty vs Nice: Nice

🢂 Past vs Future: Future

🢂 Pokemon Red vs Pokemon Blue: Pokemon Blue

🢂 Snowman vs Sandcastle: Sandcastle

🢂 Spongebob vs Patrick: Patrick

🢂 Fancy Party vs Costume Party: Costume party

🢂 Early Bird vs Night Owl: Night owl

🢂 Rock vs Pop: Pop

🢂 Eating vs Sleeping: Sleeping

🢂 North Pole vs South Pole: South Pole

🢂 Singing vs Dancing: Dancing

🢂 Messy vs Tidy: Tidy

🢂 Zombies vs Ghosts: Ghosts

🢂 Pro-Pineapple On Pizza vs Anti-Pineapple On Pizza: Anti-pineapple

🢂 Fit vs Rich: Rich

🢂 Barbarians vs Ninjas: Ninjas

🢂 Hoverboard vs Jet Pack: Jet pack

🢂 Black Tie Event vs Fancy Dress Party: Fancy dress party

🢂 World Tour vs Space Adventure: Space adventure

🢂 Rice vs Bread: Bread

🢂 Red Fox vs Green Tanuki: Green tanuki

🢂 Lemon Tea vs Milk Tea: Milk tea

🢂 Grasshopper vs Ant: Ant

🢂 Boke vs Tsukkomi: Tsukkomi

🢂 Squid vs Octopus: Octopus

🢂 Love vs Money: Money

🢂 Mountain Food vs Sea Food: Sea food

🢂 Perfect Body vs Perfect Brain: Perfect brain

🢂 Pokemon Red vs Pokemon Blue / Green: Pokemon Blue / Green

🢂 Go All Out vs Focus On Healing: Focus on healing

🢂 Tuna Mayonnaise Onigiri vs Red Salmon Onigiri: Red salmon onigiri

🢂 Mushroom Mountain vs Bamboo Shoot Village: Bamboo Shoot Village

🢂 Callie vs Marie: Marie

🢂 Chaos vs Order: Order