I'm Silver. I was born in Kanto, but I don't rlly remember it, and have lived in Johto most of my life. I'm training to become a Pokemon Master. I don't play video games, don't ask me about them. I'm kind of blunt / honest.

I can + will talk your ear off about my favorite music, Proteam Omega or item swapping. That's a threat!

DeviantArt stamp DeviantArt stamp that says, 'I support random violence' DeviantArt stamp that says, 'MCR saves lives, don't forget that'

DeviantArt stamp DeviantArt stamp DeviantArt stamp that says, 'I love vampires but it doesn't mean I love Twilight'

DeviantArt stamp that says, 'I support all things dark and evil' DeviantArt stamp DeviantArt stamp that says, 'I like my rock music high volume'

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Last Login: 09/12/2009
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