The Holy Bible

In-game screenshot of the Phelps Ministry from a distance

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(I created this less as a 'shrine' in a traditional sense and more as an experiment. This is the first page that I've ever coded completely by hand. It is not mobile-friendly.)

(This is intended to be the website for the Phelps Ministry; an in-game family-run church in the video game Sally Face. I am Travis Phelps, the son of the pastor, so I am very familiar with it. You're intended to be seeing this site at the time of The Bologna Incident, so it would be the 90s, which is why it would be so messy, on top of church websites just being Like That. We don't know much about the church, but we do know that it is very conservative, as well as a cover-up for a cult. As such, I have thusly added allusions to all of those things. Please proceed with caution. There are also a lot of fake links; there is only one working link, plus a 'secret page'.)