Bloody X
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"The blue flame, not extinguished, still flickers in the night. He that sees between worlds, Child of The Abomination. Wielding light beyond man, pierces through the endless black. Betrayer of our kind, resurrected by Asintmah. His sword, blood of man, rises to protect the Great Atrocity and prevent the triumph of humankind."

KENNETH PHELPS: Leader. Ritualist. Runs a church which is the entry point for the main temple of the Devourers, known as the Phelps Temple.

TRAVIS PHELPS: Son of Kenneth. Yet to be indoctrinated.

COUNCIL MEMBERS: Citlali Grey. Luke Holmes. Jim Johnson. Herman Sanderson.

Our influence is nationwide. Majority of government officials indoctrinated. Spread the Dark. Kill the Child of The Abomination.