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About The Founders !

Fanart of Kenneth Phelps without his in-game mask

The current Phelps Ministry pastor is Kenneth Phelps, a widower born and raised into Nockfell and the Christian religion. He runs the church and gives the biweekly sermons, noted by others as very passionate about his faith and saving the Godless. Since he turned 18, he has served as a pastor for his family's church. He was married for almost a decade before his wife died in a tragic and unexplained hit-and-run.

Fanart of Travis Phelps where his black eye is poorly photoshopped out

Travis Phelps is the only son of Kenneth, and is next in line to take over the church. Despite his clumsy tendencies making him constantly a little beat up, he has worked as the church's youth pastor since he was 15. He will often look over the activities and address the concerns of the children of Phelps Ministry. He is not yet courting anyone, but he, quote, "is DEFINITELY going to marry a woman."