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The Phelps Ministry has been a family-owned and run church in Nockfell since 1703, which shares the saving grace of Christ with all those who care to hear it. We adhere to the teachings of the Bible, condemn sin, and reject the destructive lies about our Lord that are commonly touted today.

The Phelps Ministry and its members participate in non-violent, peaceful religious demonstration. We as well open our church doors for those in need of shelter, and hold food drives for the poor. We are also partnered with many Christian programs with help to theraputize and heal those struggling with all manners of sin, and those struggling with feeling a connection to our Lord.

This website is an archive of our sermons, holds our schedules, promotes Godly messages, and much more. We hope that Godless sinners who would never step foot into our Christ-honoring church may stumble upon and thus receive the truth through this website's existence.

We may be "religious nuts", but we are screwed on to the right bolt! (Jesus)