Fanart of Macaque from LEGO Monkie Kid

Ahh, how does that one quote go? Something like, "Our childhood best friends are the loves of our lives, and break our hearts in worse ways"?

Anyway. Does this even come as a surprise to any of you? He's a character who I yoinked a name from, for one, but this site is literally named after this kintype. There's an abundance of Macaque gifs and images all over various pages. The title of most pages is 'SHADOW PLAY', which is the name of the LEGO Monkie Kid episode where Macaque reveals his backstory. And the header on most pages is a quote from that same episode. Basically, if you're familiar with LEGO Monkie Kid, and you weren't anticipating this, then I am sincerely surprised.

(And this kintype is specifically the LEGO Monkie Kid interpretation of his character, by the way. The Six-Eared Macaque is a character who has been prominent in folklore for generations and who has had countless interpretations. The character could even be argued to be a mythic figure, even though, in the original book, I more or less just spawn, commit crimes and then die.)

There is also something else to this kintype that you may not know if you haven't checked out the Sun Wukong shrine page, though. I suppose it's only fitting. After hundreds of years of something like bitterness mixed with romantic longing; for the hero who I fought alongside, the hero who abandoned me, the hero who killed me; it only makes sense that not even reincarnation could put a rest to these feelings. Yes, I am still in love with Wukong, and while I retain love for all of my partners from my past lives, he is the one who remains as important as the sun to me.

I experience phantom limbs for this kintype on occasion. Sometimes, I feel my other four ears, or my tail; used to them being there after an eternity, especially compared to my so-far short time in this life without them. I will still have plenty of time to let my soul get used to this body, though. In the meantime, I suppose, I will hold onto the memories of my beloved friend, continue my association with lunar and 'shadowy' aesthetics, and try to push away the guilt that I feel for my selfish actions; the ones of a being just trying to survive and find what makes him happy again, after having his happiness torn away so long ago.