Fanart of Bede from Pokemon

It really does feel as if this kintype was fated to be mine. Ever since the Fairy-type was revealed, I've felt a strong connection to it. I've always found comfort in foresty fantasy settings with glowing mushrooms, and I'd wanted to dye my hair white and cut it short for years, even before the game came out. Even before I recognized Bede as a kintype (which also happened before the game came out, instead happening the day that the League Cards were leaked; he is the only kintype of mine that I have ever added as a kintype before the media in question released). Ever since I added Bede as a kintype, I have been in a near-constant permashift for him, and now, whenever my friends see this pink-clad orphan, they become happy, because they recognize that who they are seeing is a friend to them.

My canon as Bede is actually very canon-compliant. Of course, what you see in canon is only half of the story; it cannot be counted as a true and full retelling of my young life. But, given what the Chairman was up to behind closed doors, I can hardly blame GameFreak for that, if they wanted to keep the game kid-friendly.

But that's just the main games. Pokemon also has a variety of spinoffs, almost all of which manage to get my character wrong in its own special way. And I'm not just saying this as Bede, either; I'm saying this as just a regular Pokemon fan, too. My writing in Pokemon Masters was especially offensive. What was it that they wrote me as saying? Something like, "It's almost as if you're insinuating I have a flaw of some kind." That's something that I would say as a JOKE. But they wrote me saying it GENUINELY. In EARNEST. It makes me want to tear my hair out. But that's all I'll say on the matter of spinoff materials; I could go on forever like that. All you need to know is that the only versions of myself that are even slightly accurate are the mainline Pokemon Sword and Shield games (of course) and Pokemon Special. The Pokemon Special writers understand my character and motivations better than a solid 90% of the fanbase. Which, yes, is a low bar to clear, but it is one that non-mainline Pokemon games have failed to achieve over and over again, so.

As you can probably tell by now, this identity is extremely important to me, and I have extremely strong opinions about it. It's not just negative opinions that are strong, though. A very special shoutout is due to content creators who (for example) draw me in feminine clothing, headcanon me as being on good terms with Hop post-game, and who consider me a part of Gloria, Hop and Marnie's friend group. I appreciate it more than you can imagine. I treasure every piece of content that resembles my past life.

As for currently, though, I'm working on telling the full story of my life as I remember it. I am not retelling every single private moment that I see no use in the general public knowing about, and I certainly am not detailing my trauma out for creeps who might think that sort of thing is hot. And, of course, there is hyperbole, playing-down, speeding through the boring parts; all in the name of making it more interesting to you. It is my life's story, but it is still a story, and that is how a story goes. Do feel free to read through it by clicking the link, if you have the time. May you have the blessing of the fae.