Welcome to the otherkinity information hub! This page is dedicated to the subject of otherkinity; definitions, history, and what it personally means to me.

Otherkin; the focus of this silly little place; is a personal identity which describes identification that differs from the common, societal idea of humanity; typically as being wholly or partially an animal, mythical being, or other such things.

It sincerely bothers me how much misinformation about otherkinity is floating around these days. Just about everything that TikTok and Twitter has to say on the subject is wrong. This is partially due to the growing visibility that the otherkin community had and has, and the resulting influx of people who joined the community without knowing the history, or what it even really meant.

If you're one of the people who have only heard the TikTok definition of kin, then this place is for you! It has just about everything you could ask to know regarding otherkinity. So, try clicking on one of the topics to the side, keep an open mind, and happy reading!