Many other questions can be answered by reading through the rest of this page! This FAQ exists to, hopefully, address any remaining questions one may have.

"Is otherkinity a mental illness?"

No. Someone's reason for identifying as otherkin can and do vary, but, regardless of why, we still deserve to be respected. We are usually self-aware of the fact that our beliefs are a little odd, but you shouldn't mock something because you think it's weird, and you can't understand it. That's why atheists who call Christians 'delusional' because their beliefs 'don't make sense' are frowned upon.

Of course, there are people who are mentally ill and are otherkin. However, the same can be said for just about any identity or interest. And there are people who have delusions who are otherkin, but, again, people who experience delusions (shocker) tend to have interests and identities outside of them experiencing delusions. Otherkinity itself is not a delusion, or a mental illness. Mentally ill people and people who experience delusions are also deserving of respect, anyhow, but that's a whole other conversation.

"But isn't that just clinical lycanthropy?"

Clinical lycanthropy is a psychiatric disorder where one has delusions of physically transforming into an animal. The simple fact is that otherkin do not believe that we physically are our kintypes. That's the whole point - that we're something that our bodies do not reflect.

"Is otherkinity a gender? Is it an LGBT+ identity?"

Being otherkin doesn't mean you're LGBT+, and it is not an LGBT+ identity. It is not a gender. There are lots of people who happen to be both otherkin and LGBT+, but that doesn't mean that otherkinity is an LGBT+ identity.

"Does species dysphoria mock trans people/gender-identity related issues?"

This is a question that cannot be answered perfectly, as, because trans people are not a monolith, there will, of course, be varying opinions on this. However, as a trans person, I would say no. Dysphoria refers to something that is hard to bear, and is something that any number of people have experienced all throughout human history in all sorts of ways; not just gender dysphoria.

"Do you guys walk on four limbs? Bark or growl at people? Live in the woods?"

No. Again, otherkin are aware that our bodies are human. Because of this, we can participate in human society and act like humans, just like everyone else can.

"Is otherkinity bad / harmful?"

Anything can be bad or harmful in certain scenarios. However, identifying as kin, in itself, will not harm anyone. It is often used as a coping mechanism, as well, so it tends to be rather helpful instead.

"How do I identify a troll pretending to be otherkin?"

A few giveaways for this include them claiming that being kin is a gender, making outlandish claims of magical powers they can use in this life, lacking personal insight as to why others would find their beliefs silly, and claiming to be kin of personalityless objects (like chairs).

"Am I otherkin?"

I can't answer that for you. If you decide to explore the possibility, though, regardless of how you identify in the end, you will understand yourself better. My advice is to take it slow, and don't feel pressured to do or identify as anything in particular.

Also, don't try to figure this out with the help of TikTok or Twitter. The people there don't know shit.