I began to awaken in 2018. During this time, I began to experience a connection to a piece of fiction that I found to be undescribable by my current language. To Undertale, of all things. While in Toriel's home, I could vividly imagine (in a way closer to rememberance) all of the sensations of being in the home. I played the game to completion, and all areas of the game felt nostalgic to me, but nothing compared to the feeling that Toriel's home and the Dreemurr family had for me. I began to see it all in my dreams; that homey, warm glow. The white fur of the monsters who surrounded me, while I sported short, choppily-cut hair and a bandage on my knees. A sense of belonging.

It was during my searching for a word to describe this feeling that I ran into the kin community. It was in May of 2018 that I finally began to understand that I was Chara Dreemurr; that is to say, Chara was my first kintype.

I eagerly looked into the online community, and began to learn more and more about it, and myself, along the way. I have been in the community for over four years, as-of my writing of this, and I now consider myself at least decently knowledgable.

The 'reason' why I am otherkin is a mix of psychological and spiritual factors. I, myself, believe in the multiverse theory, reincarnation, and that my kintypes are my past lives. However, indulging in and caring about said past lives also helps me cope, and helps stabalize my sense of self, which is generally wavery due to my BPD symptoms. I believe that I am these characters due to spirituality, but I take the time to care about them and indulge in kin spaces because it helps me psychologically. I am also sure that my being autistic influences all of this in some way, although I cannot exactly say how; something about special interests and getting attached to characters and all. I am also the type to experience shifts, and who has kin memories.