A link symbol  a list of websites i think are useful, interesting, or otherwise should be seen!

cool neocities sites, webrings, etc

Monkie Business' site button The Alterhuman Dictionary's site button Sun Wukong's site button Feeling Machine's site button Shadowfae's site button Waterfall's site button Mizuki's site button Cloverbell's site button Luvdisc's site button, which says 'Pokemon Shipping List' on it 32 Bit Cafe's site button Emo Emo's site button Autistic As Fuck's site button Metal Valley's site button Owl's Roost's site button Control Core Angel's site button Inkposting's site button Patchwork of Shadows' site button, which says 'play with faeries' Maia's site button Mani's site button Ghosting Pen's site button Butch Dyke's site button Slumbering Weald's site button The Battle Tree's site button Soul Silvers' site button Arrothame's site button Andou's site button Comfort's site button Pink Vampyr's site button

Fictosexual's site button Pixel art of Zorua from Pokemon

aromatic // smoke and sugarplum sweet

OTF pokemon

Full art Celebi TCG card Full art Friends in Galar TCG card Full art Sylveon TCG card

Lain Iwakura is guardian of this website

The Accessible Net Directory's site button Neocities West Hollywood's site button Neocities' Tomodachi Life site button List-Me.com's site button
The Sylveon fanlisting's button The cat fanlisting's button The Mondo Oowada fanlisting's button The Undertale fanlisting's button The Elderberries clique's button, which says 'I am a fairy' The moon fanlisting's button The hyena fanlisting's button The bunny fanlisting's button

The Needy Streamer Overload fanlisting's button The seal fanlisting's button The Firefox browser fanlisting's button The Pokemon plushie fanlisting's button The pink fanlisting's button The Serial Experiments Lain fanlisting's button The Ishimondo fanlisting's button The fanfiction fanlisting's button

The LEGO Monkie Kid fanlisting's button The Good Omens fanlisting's button The web surfing fanlisting's button The mahou shoujo fanlisting's button The Catradora fanlisting's button The bookworm fanlisting's button, which says 'I claimed The Song of Achilles'

internet toolset

free file hosting and sharing

make a pdf of images

privacy-focused pdf editor

prepares pdfs for book binding

gif editing

imgur, except you don't need an account

compress things to fit discord's file limit

how to hack your 3ds

download games pre-installed on steam for free

free ebooks

more free ebooks

even free ebooks

peer-reviewed books

peer-reviewed journals

educational resources, journals, etc

search engine for pdf files

reduce noise and increase the size of pictures

an internet archive with lots of free stuff

for bypassing paywalls

a guide to online safety, privacy, and security

filters to add to adblockers

a guide to avoiding internet harassment

the cheapskate's guide to computers and the 'net

a guide to defensive computing

turn bookmarks into link lists

youtube playlist to html


webhoster masterlist

css grid generator

css generators and tools

div-based layout generator

tileable backgrounds

more tileable backgrounds

find installable fonts

system fonts for every operating system

an archive of gifs from geocities

make your own blinkie with a premade template

make your own webring

get a cute cursor for your page

more cursors

cursormania archive

cursor effects

collection of free visual effects using html

text float on hover

blur and zoom on hover

text enter animation

custom image falling

a directory of cute site materials

lots of text icons

check for dead links

lots of 80x15 badges

even more 80x15 badges / (alt link)

webamp music player

skins for webamp

tell your visitors how you're feeling

make polls for your website

javascript effects

html and bbc text gradients

html cheat sheet

css hover effects

optimize images without lowering quality

test your site at different resolutions

a guide to alt text

what it's like to browse an inaccessible site


a gameboy filter for your images

photoshop, but make it in-browser and free

for finding references of a certain head angle

the same as above, but for animals

the same as above, but for poses

another website for finding references

a third website for finding references

a deviantart full of stock poses for reference

same as above

same as above, again

same as above: the remix

a good site for dynamic pose references

writing / roleplaying advice, and more

library of art for character design reference

stories and commentary

"cat pictures, please" (fiction)

"how to become a robot" (fiction)

"pinky and pepper forever" (fiction)

"sparklecare" (fiction)

"good writers are perverts"

"my 14-hour search for the end of tgi friday's endless appetizers"

"ma tin aung myo - reincarnation case"

"laziness does not exist"

"the great offline"

"an ode to online friendships"

"i'm still here: back online after a year without the internet"

"against a user-hostile web"

"rss is (not) dead (yet)"

"how websites die"

"cyberqueer manifesto"

"i don't feel safe around cis women"

"on hyperpersonalized sexual identity"

"i am a transwoman. i am in the closet. i am not coming out."

queer history

the bisexual history they don't want you to know

canada's lgbt+ archives

queer zine archives

anything that moves archive (bisexual magazine)

the bisexual manifesto

a masterpost of leslie feinberg's works

united in anger: a history of act up (documentary)

interviews with members of act up

lesbian herstory archives

the trans archives of the university of victoria

digital transgender archives

glbt historical society

lgbt+ digital collaboratory

paris is burning (documentary)

how to survive a plague (documentary)

one archives

new york public library's lgbt+ archives

on the butch and femme identities (with sources)

for fun

create a playlist based on a song

create a playlist based on an artist

find similar musical artists

a site for obscure words

what famous author do you write like?

yume nikki online

seamless official pokemon patterns

browse some people's wife shrines


this site will self-destruct

a program that makes mechanical keyboard sounds

playstation lain in browser

browse the queer internet

a directory of unfiction projects

don't stop writing!

plays the hourly animal crossing music in real time

my favorite indie game creator


an important post about m/f multigenders

the lgbtq+ guide to online safety

a crowdsourced dictionary for queer terms

a troubleshooting guide for when you feel bad

a collection of 'save yourself' files

mental health resources

a pronoun dressing room

the history of otherkin

a more accessible font for neurodivergent people

free writing program for neurodivergents - what i use

ai-powered tools for neurodivergent people

the autism self-diagnosis masterdoc

how to unmask as an autistic person

that's gender dysphoria, fyi

tone indicator masterlist

copyright countermovement

digital rights management faq

gender accelerationist manifesto

the anarchist library

communist text files

anticapitalism faq

leftist zines

a reclaimation of queer dehumanization

prominent homophobes who turned out to be gay

atrocities committed by the u.s.

line goes up - the problem with nfts