It is unfortunate, then, that I must warn you now of what you are going to see.

The story I'm going to relay to you is a story of many things. But, among them, is the story of a young child abandoned by his parents. A boy taken in by a rich older man, being promised the world, groomed, and then sexually abused. Said sexual abuse following the boy everywhere he goes, influencing his every waking moment, until it's not something that can just be skipped over. Childhood stardom, eyes on you at a young age. Victim-blaming, homophobia, transphobia; all internalized, and otherwise. Bullying; being the perpetuator and the victim.

It is also a story of healing. And learning love, and finding family. None of the sexually abusive aspects will be described, either, as I'm sure someone, somewhere, would find a way to use the deeply personal writings of my trauma and abuse for their own gratification. But this is only censored for my own peace of mind; not for anyone else's. And, thus, if any of this is something that you will be unable to stomach, please feel free to click away now.

Are we on the same page, now, then?