When the elevator arrived at its destination, I once again let everyone else off the elevator first before setting off last, observing them for a short while. Though I suppose I didn't need to, this time. The path to Rose Tower was as straightforward as could be, and, within just a few moments, I was right in front of it.

I had to tilt my head back far enough to reach my shoulders, just to try and see the peak of the building, though I moved on past the entrance fairly quickly. As rehearsed, I entered, and went up to the receptionist at the desk. I was taller than her standing desk, but not by much. Still, I managed to ask, "Which floor is Chairman Rose's office?", with the calm and nonchalant tone of someone who is meant to be there.

The woman at the desk regarded me with seemingly little emotion of note. She answered my question with ease: "The 99th. Highest floor we have, other than the battle dome. Its button in the elevator is marked with a star. Can't miss it."

I blinked a few times, a little put off that she hadn't even bothered to ask what business I had with him. Though, I supposed her not asking would be counted as something good, so I just said, "Thank you," before making my way to the elevator.

I was on my own this time, which made the extremely wide space of the elevator extremely jarring. Measuring it out with my eye, it seemed just big enough to be fit for a Pokemon battle. Although I couldn't imagine why someone would need to battle in an elevator. Odd and mildly unsettling architecture choices aside, I pressed the button labeled with the star, as instructed, and began the journey up.

My building nerves made the motion-sickness elevators cause worsen. I begin to wonder if I should have asked the receptionist if Chairman Rose was in, just to be absolutely sure, even though I had researched his hours online. I began to wonder what I would do after this, after I had done what I had been working towards for so long now. I began to wonder...

Hatenna cried out from her place my foot, and I jolted, glancing down at her. She seemed to have been catching on to my nerves, and was now shaking, herself. I immediately straightened myself up, before taking a few deep breaths and counting backwards from ten (for her sake, if not mine).

By the time I had opened my eyes and seen that Hatenna had relaxed alongside me, the elevator door finished opening.