The train, as expected, dropped us off at the Southern end of route 10. And, as expected, it was cold. I was shivering from the moment that I was dropped off, and I slipped into a jacket I had brought with me, glad that I hadn't just left it behind, like I had considered. I noted Hatenna's shivering, as well, as I put it on, and I offered to return her to her Pokeball, which she seemed grateful for. So, with the internal motivation that running would keep me warm, I took off.

At first, the route was no issue, being very straightforward. However, after a while, I was met with... Water. The same exact water I had been trying to avoid, because of my lack of ability to cross it. It hadn't been written on the map, because of how small the amount was, but, small amount nonwithstanding, it was in the way of me and reaching Wydon. So I had to slow down to take a solid look around the route, trying to ignore the frost biting my nose and cheeks. After a while of looking, I was able to find a gathering of water small enough that I could simply hop across it, if I climbed up on an incline of snow to get there. That was easier said than done, as the snow made it an issue to find any solid place to put my foot as I climbed it, but, once I reached the top, I was golden, able to hop off of it, and across the water, with no trouble.

With that small obstacle cleared, I continued my journey North, which proved to return to straightforward traveling until the snow faded. Of course, the area above wasn't exactly warm, as I still caught myself sniffling, but, at the very least, it got better as I neared closer and closer to Wydon.

However, by the time I was there, I wasn't sure that I would be able to travel the large city fast enough to catch the chairman by the end of the work day. So, I set my sights onto the Pokemon Center, keeping a close eye on the dedicated Wydon map in my book to keep from getting lost.

Even still, I found myself overwhelmed a few different times. I had arrived at a rush hour for Wydon, so I was walking in huge crowds. Though still a bit cold, I ended up breaking a sweat from nerves multiple times, wanting to just curl into myself. But the space I will have made for myself, it felt like, would be immediately taken up by these other people. By the time I was nearly at the Pokemon Center, I was sending nasty looks to anyone who got too close to me, and forcibly pushed people in the crowd aside if they got in my way rather than waiting with a grumpy expression.

I nearly collapsed into the Pokemon Center, never before being so glad for personal space and air conditioning. Despite my minimal Pokemon battles, I handed Hatenna over to be healed, and plopped into bed, thoroughly exhausted from just a few hours navigating Wydon. A part of me dreaded going back into the wretched city again tomorrow. But I knew that it was only a flighting fancy. I was so close to my goal; in this very city was the man who I worked so hard to prove myself to.