Thanks to Hatenna and I's rigorous training, we had no problem taking down any Trainers who caught our eye, despite us only being a team of two. We were able to very easily travel across route 7 after leaving Spikemuth, thanks to its short length. Most of it was comprised of bridges, anyhow, and I was able to make it through within the first day out. Despite this, though, I was already high off of adventure and self-accomplishment by the time I reached Hammerlocke.

It was mid-afternoon by the time I got there, mostly thanks to my tiny legs and the length of the battles which I accepted. Though, once I arrived in the city, and saw for myself how large it was, I became very quickly overwhelmed. I had imagined I'd shop around the city a bit, look around. Instead, I ended up rushing to the red-roofed Pokemon Center, and then feeling too nervous to venture too far away from it. Pokemon Centers were havens for Trainers, too, after all; there were places for us to rest overnight in the back, if we needed. So I feared getting lost in the city, and being unable to find a place to stay overnight.

So, instead, I turned in early that first day. I slipped the Nurse Joy Hatenna's Pokeball, and watched as the machine worked, delighted at the screen behind her lighting up as she healed her. I then went to the back, and read about the very city I was in, via the book I had brought along, with Hatenna in my lap. I studied the map, as well, assuring that I wouldn't get lost tomorrow.

The next day, I set out for some minor sight-seeing before taking off. I looked around at the clothes available in the boutique with awe, but not daring to touch any of it. (Anything I wanted was either was labeled "for girls" or was too expensive, anyhow.) I traveled to observe the entrance of the Hammerlocke Vault; not daring to try and seek out the local Gym Leader to ask for permission. It was hardly relevant to my goal here, anyhow, even if just the entrance was rather stunning.

From there, I traveled northeast, to the train station. I was thrilled at how the ticket master treated me so matter-of-factly, as if I was an adult. He gave me my ticket to White Hill Station, and I was off.