But, once I turned 10, as is tradition in this world, if I wanted to set off on a journey of my own, the caregivers had to let me go. So, on the morning of my 10th birthday, I had everything ready beforehand. My bag packed, fresh clothes set out, and Hatenna equally as raring to go as I was, I could hardly sleep the night before, tossing and turning in my bed from the excitement.

I couldn't have gotten out of that shoddy old place fast enough. One could say I stayed long enough for breakfast, but even that was a stretch, as I basically plucked what could be carried right off of my plate, and I was on the road before it was finished, eating as I jogged. (Thankfully, this didn't result in choking.)

I had... Well, 'stolen' isn't the right word, as I did plan to return it... Borrowed a book from the local library; one all about Galar and the associated cities, with a map included. I studied it as I traveled out of Spikemuth, the only town I had ever known, tracing it with my finger as I recounted my plan and explained it around to Hatenna for the millionth time.

I couldn't go up to route 9 and Circhester, due to all the water in the way. A Pokemon is required to go through route 9, as was the same for route 8, although the water in the way there is much smaller in quantity. As such, my plan was to go through route 7, to Hammerlocke. I would buy a train ticket with money I would win from Trainer battles along the way. From the train, I'd be able to move up to route 10, and then to Wydon; the largest city in all of Galar, as well as where the city's developer's office building resided: Chairman Rose himself, in the famous Rose Tower.

The whole journey spanned itself around half of the region of Galar. However, as previously explained, young children setting out on their own was the cultural norm. As such, the world was tailored to this norm. There was no threat I'd be sent back to the orphanage if I was caught by the wrong person, and the only place I'd visit with notable crime rates was... Well, Spikemuth, my hometown. It could only go up from there.