After obtaining Hatenna, I threw myself head-first into learning all about Pokemon battling.

As I had said to the Chairman, I had been interested in becoming a Trainer before. It was my ultimate goal to obtain a Pokemon and set out on an adventure of my own. I had read up on some books on battle theory, but nothing that wasn't simply available at the orphanage.

But the moment that I had my first partner, with a promise on my tongue, I went from someone who lightly read before bed to someone who absolutely DEVOURED every book on Pokemon training he got his hands on. I was like a starving animal digging and ripping into its first kill, with the desperation and ferocity that I learned. I was reading every book at my level, and then every book above it, too. By the time a couple of months had passed, I had gotten through every book on the subject of Pokemon that my orphanage had to offer. I began to be allowed to go with the older children, to the library. While they checked out textbooks and required reading for school, I set off in search of more information. Once again, after finishing with the books intended for my age group, I ventured into sections meant for older and older people. My newfound passion was nurtured by the voices and advice of hundreds of Trainers, passing down their wisdom to me.

But, of course, knowing about Pokemon battling in theory was one thing...