(There was something else about that day, though. Something that I didn't know until years later.

In order to speak to us children, the Chairman had skipped out on giving a speech at the charity event up front. Oleana had called for him, and there had been no response.

Which was a problem, because the speech that the Chairman was going to give was meant to encourage the people and the donors to open their wallets and donate generously to the orphanage. And, given that he was the most high-profile person there, it can be assumed that seeing the Chairman is the reason why most of the people were there in Galar's most crime-ridden and dirty town at all. So, when he decided to, on paper, skip out on speaking for the stuffy rich people to instead make the day of the needy orphans who had never battled Pokemon before... In reality, he was likely leaving things worse for us in the long run.

Of course, I had gotten a Pokemon out of it. That day had changed my life. Even after I learned this, I could never imagine that this choice left me, personally, for the worse. But for every other child in my orphanage, all they had gotten was to watch or participate in Pokemon battles which ultimately led to nothing. And sure, the children loved watching the Pokemon battles, but they also loved... Food. And warm blankets. Uniforms that actually fit... Working air conditioners. And surely, he could have visited us after giving his speech.

At first glance, he's selflessly ignoring the stuck-up event and instead having fun with us orphan children. Think about it for a moment, and you'll realize he was merely skipping his responsibilities to scout children for a talented young Trainer to possibly endorse in a future League Challenge, and then leaving said children worse off for it.