Spikemuth is a small town located at the eastern end of the Galar region. This town is known for hosting the Dark-type Gym, as well as its dark, narrow streets, its incredibly high crime rate, and its general unappeal to tourists.

This was also my birthplace, and the place that I called home until I met the Chairman. I tried to conceal this bit of my past from everyone I could, due to Spikemuth residents being seen as aggressive delinquents without manners, to the point of concealing my Spikemuthian accent to the best of my abilities. (If you're wondering, the best that I have to a real-world equivelant to a Spikemuthian accent would be a Yorkshire one.) I was born in Spikemuth, to parents who left me at the town's orphanage. Maybe because of money troubles that were unexpected, or they underestimated how hard that it would be to have a child in such a frightful place. Or maybe they divorced? My guess is as good as yours, because what was later written down on my League Card was always the extent of what I knew about them; that they just disowned me because they 'ran into some trouble'. And I don't even know what kind of trouble. That's how little I knew them; I had no memories to go off of, no recordings or photos, not even a keepsake.

I only know what I am going to tell you because the orphanage child caregiver recounted it for me one day. But apparently, the day that I was dropped off went something like this:

My mom and dad walked me to the gate, leaned down to give me a hug, and I told them that I would see them later; either because I hadn't been told that this was goodbye forever, or I just hadn't registered or believed it. They didn't correct me, either way. They walked away, I watched them go, and I waited outside near the gate for what I'm sure felt like forever in my young mind, but what, in reality, was more like 30 minutes, before turning around and going inside to meet the other kids.

Again, I don't remember any of this. And I don't remember when I realized that I was never going to 'see them later', either. Even if it doesn't matter, I sort of hope that the realization wasn't too painful for my young self.