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Welcome to my diary. Be warned that nothing here is accompanied by a trigger warning. It is the unfiltered talking space of someone who, in a word, "is fucked up". This isn't a happy or relaxing page! Proceed only if your curiosity outweighs any discomfort with dark topics.

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Lyric of the Day: Good child, good child / You're a very good child / Go to sleep forever / Like the good child you are


Agh, keeping up with this diary is so difficult... It's worth it. But soo difficult. Just another thing to beat myself up over not writing...

Well, my birthday has passed! I can now legally drink. Which I will not be doing. I didn't actually get many gifts for my birthday - just cash. I don't mind though. I need new Joycons desperately. The ones I have right now have been drifting for over 3 years now! I was admittedly a little disappointed that I didn't get anything for book binding, but that's also something to be purchased with my own money, I suppose. I'm looking into how to book bind fanfic! Physical media, my beloved...

Some new packages came, too! I got my peach bunny from Plushie Dreadfuls!! He's literally just like me, for real for real. The Smile For Me collector's edition package came in too!! Everything in there is SO GREAT, I'm nervous to even pull out or use most if it, heheh. I wanted to use the tooth lily as a sticker on my computer, but it makes me nervous somehow.

I've been watching Zelda and Luma play Smile For Me with Verdant over the past few days too! I bought them the game, because I simply must spread the good word of that game. I'm like a Mormon in regards to it, honestly. ("Do you have time to talk about our lord and savior, Smile For Me 2019?") We've also all been watching Flip Flappers together, which I've been really enjoying! It's one of Zelda and Luma's favorites, and it's super underrated. Unfortunately, it came out around the time that Yuri on Ice was first airing (which is an anime I'm also rewatching with Verdant), and also didn't really get advertised well. I've seen some people say they don't like the fanservice, but, honestly, it's nothing worse than the usual fare for magical girl anime.

I've been really hyperfocused on Milgram lately, too! (Another media I got Zel and Luma into, heheh.) This is mostly thanks to Mikoto, and more information revealed about Orekoto in trial 2. (I refuse to call him John.) I wanna make a whole shrine to Milgram, but I still have soo many unfinished shrines on my site... I also wanna make a shrine for Smile For Me, which might be more manageable, though. So many creative endeavors, so little time.

School has started up again. Because of rising Covid rates, though, I convinced my mom to let me take exclusively online classes. Since I still haven't gotten vaccinated yet. Sigh. I plan to this month though!! Especially now that I don't have to worry about going to school when experiencing side-effects from the vaccine. I can't wait to get autism squared.