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Autists Online

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Webmaster: Azure

Macaque's site button

50% personal site, 50% resource and graphics archive, and 100% cringe (affectionate)! This site houses the shrines, essays, and soul of the webmaster, who just so happens to be your friendly neighborhood autistic boygirl.

Sun Wukong

Webmaster: Verdant

Sun Wukong's site button

My fun in the sun!!



Webmaster: Nephro

Feeling Machine's site button

the personal website and art archive for a malfunctioning machine, paradoxically divine and unholy.

Laika Wallace's Writing Page

Webmaster: Laika Wallace

This site hosts Laika's novels, novellas, and short story collections to be read for free, featuring autistic characters with experiences pulled from hir own life.


Webmaster: Jordan

Diluculo's site button



Control Core Angel

Webmaster: Angel

Control Core Angel's site button

A personal site dedicated to a large variety of subjects. Plenty to explore and discover! Run by an autistic genderqueer webmaster who misses the days of internet yore.

patchwork of shadows

Webmaster: Shadow

Patchwork of Shadow's site button, which says 'play with faeries'

One little faery who talk about thoughts, from magical to mundane!


Monkie Business

Webmaster: Mac

Monkie Business' site button

A fansite dedicated to the animated show LEGO Monkie Kid, which continues the story of the classic Chinese novel, 'Journey to the West', and which also happens to be the autistic webmaster's biggest special interest!


Webmaster: Chippy

Chip For Fun's site button

13 year old object show fan who hasn’t gotten a autism diagnosis yet but is thought to be autistic BY ALMOST EVERYONE.


Webmaster: VHS

VHS Warehouse's site button

Personal site from an autistic guy. I make pages on my special interests and myself.


Webmaster: Ripple

A handcrafted website that's run by an autistic adult. He likes to write about his special interests on his website.


Webmaster: Suntooth

Suntooth's site button, which says 'attitude'

A personal site of amalgamations, including art, music shrine, and recipes. Not as active as it used to be, but fun to read (hopefully).


Webmaster: Rita

Sunny Day is a personal site that was created with love to practice coding, to share my interests, and to connect with others. The autism is plentiful here, check it out!


Webmaster: Juette

Mothcore's site button

Selfshipping and other fun stuff!


Margie's Place

Webmaster: Margaret

Faeries Bottled 97's site button, which says, 'Margie's Place'

A little site for me to be openly autistic and post about what I love and how I feel and have fun :o)

Only Wonder

Webmaster: Ansehelm

Only Wonder's site button

Lots of random stuff, mostly media shrines, recipes, and original characters.


yoona's website

Webmaster: Yoona

Choi Yoona's site button

I used to live on Neopets so Neocities feels like coming home! A personal website, w/ multiple webshrines to special interests :D This website says: gay, trans and disabled rights ♡


Webmaster: Braigwen

Braigwen's site button, which says 'Imladris by Braigwen'

A personal website, with spaces for special interests and other information.



Webmaster: Nico

PATHdog is a hybrid between a personal page and a comic/zine project that’s still currently in the works, development is going though, and I normally don’t go more than a week without uploading! I do warn that the comic project is intended for an 15+ audience, but otherwise it’s just a funny art project


Webmaster: Louie

Themby's site button

A personal site for sharing art, photography, collections, and other weird interests.


Webmaster: Ser

Servetier's site button

My name is Ser! This blog serves as coding practice and a storage for my portfolio, thoughts, and an archive of my favorite things!


Webmaster: Hank

Killing Machine's site button

queer and bloody windows95 website run fueled by autism and visera


korekiyo village!

Webmaster: Toki

Korekiyo Village's site button



The Bat House!

Webmaster: Batthew

The Bat House's site button

a silly site that contains many unorthodox interests and stories of a trans furry which are ever expanding!

axel's webbed site

Webmaster: Axel

Themby's site button, which says 'Axel's webbed site!!'

a website run by myself and my friend (who is also autistic) where we just put whatever we fancy really lol


Webmaster: Tei Kazami

Infamous Black Coat's site button

A site used mainly for blogging and creative works


Checkered Hell

Webmaster: SuperKirbylover

Super Kirby Lover's site button

A ska-themed personal website full of silly little trinkets.

Webmaster: foreverlikethis

Forever Like This' site button

A Digital Garden.



Webmaster: Teru

Mirror Teru's site button

A void creature's little corner of the web. Art, musings, vtubing, various other things.


Webmaster: Lolo

Ray of Hope's site button

PLEASE BE PATIENT, I'M A KINGDOM HEARTS FAN (lolo's personal website, filled with LOVE!)


Webmaster: Leo

Kyomaku Online's site button

just a personal site!


The Chillzone

Webmaster: Latch

The Chill Zone's site button

this is my personal site where i talk about animals and video games, share my art and characters, and host whatever other fun little pages i feel like making!

ghosting pen

Webmaster: Victor

Ghosting Pen's site button

a personal website chock-full of stuff and resources regarding my special interests (journaling and writing) and hyperfixations (a bunch of media)! run by a self-diagnosed autistic dude.

Tiger on The Web

Webmaster: Vergil

Tiger on the Web's site button

A personal website with a focus on alterhumanity and the webmaster’s alterhuman identities, as well as serving as a mural of their favourite things.


Webmaster: Neonriser

Neon Riser's site button

A dream journal possessing additional features, such as adoptables and shrines.

Channel 27

Webmaster: Data

Channel 27's site button

Fansite dedicated to Weird Al!


Welcome to My Gay Mind

Webmaster: Arsenic / Jasper

Arsenic Teddy's site button

Just my lil personal website where i can ramble freely about my hyperfixations n stuff without being told to stop

Silly Alien

Webmaster: Spencer

Silly Alien's site button

The (forever WIP) personal site of a silly guy who enjoys a bunch of silly things!! The webmaster is a queer transmasc who loves rainbows and being autistic! Enjoy!


Webmaster: Ryan

Follow The White Rabbit's site button

kitty cat artist on the internet :3



Webmaster: P

Portfiend's site button

Personal website I'm trying to use for dumping my thoughts and content in lieu of social media. I'm trying to use it for blogging stuff, writing guides about my interests, and storing worldbuilding info.


Webmaster: Cee

Petal Brooke's site button

Website that features my art, OCs, collections of things, and other things about me personally.


Webmaster: Cade

Cadeion's site button

My personal site where I post about my art, ocs, and anything else that interests me!

Mizuki's World!

Webmaster: Mitzuki

Mizuki's site button

personal site of a menhera trans girl who loves cute things and dolls!



Webmaster: Clancy

Sunny Cities' site button

personal site of Clancy and the Web System.


Juno’s Dollhouse

Webmaster: Juno


Webmaster: Emma

Nonkiru's site button

my personal website for all the things i love!



Webmaster: Martin

Martin is a Real Person's site button

A collection of a lot of stuff that's kind of connected. This website has things like indie-ish music, cutely ugly drawings (on purpose), weirdcore edits, infodump pages and A LOT of purple

XP Zone

Webmaster: Vivien / Florence

XP Zone's site button

my fun personal site i made for blogging and having fun images and gifs of sonic images all over it. im just a little obsessed with sonic stuff

r3dYASHA's Cavern of Obscurity

Webmaster: Yasha/Jo D.

Radiation Cat's site button, which says, 'Obscure media now!'

A hub for discussing obscure media of any kind! As well as a personal site for my own internet nonsense.

The World's Address

Webmaster: Sundial

The World's Address's site button

personal website about special interests owned by a trans plural autistic beast. (warning: contains multitudes.)

The Virtual Telephone Box

Webmaster: Kim

Timephone's site button

The Timephone is a collection of electronic dreams and trinkets that catch my interest. I use this website to geek out about Transformers and Star Trek and show off rare comic finds. Due to the nature of the medias I'm into, content can get gory or explicit at times (ie. horror movies, sex etc.). Such content will be marked appropriately.


Webmaster: Anakin

Trans Bros' site button

My babysitter's a vampire fan page, graphic hoards (blinkies, buttons, icons and more!) and shrines for stuff like talkshow boy and splatoon!

strawberry gashes

Webmaster: Erin

Strawberry Gashes' site button

a cute, nostalgic little personal site



Webmaster: Erin

Gensoukai's site button

a personal domain filled with fandom nerdery



Webmaster: Groovy

A multi-themed personal site relating to arts and other mischievous things.


Webmaster: Michelle

Mizunotic's site button

A personal site about fandom, cute things, and being weird.



Webmaster: Kori

Melankorin's site button

Ramblings of an eternally sleep-deprived graphic designer.



Webmaster: Junior

Grulovia's site button, which says 'Glory to Grulovia!'

A Psychonauts-themed website where I put things!


southern cross station!

Webmaster: Allister

Milky Way Train's site button

personal website for my art and to share my story (of my queerness, my mental health, and of whatever else i can think of)!

A Pocket In The Void

Webmaster: Chell

Cvnnbl's site button, which says 'cannibal'

An archive and portfolio of a writer's hobby turned insatiable conquest to git gud.


Webmaster: Val

every drop of my autistic chaos bundled into one SILLY site!!!!!



Webmaster: Cinder

my personal site where I put rambles, art, and other stuffs! big WIP, I've only started learning HTML and CSS recently

juno's site

Webmaster: Juno

Juxta Juno's site button

personal site for my special interests (which include pjsekai rn!!)



Webmaster: Dice

Dicey's site button

a personal site/about me stuff site dedicated to john egbert (theming might change however)

The Royal Chapel Castlevania Archive

Webmaster: Valentine

Royal Chapel Archive's site button

A fan-made project dedicated to documenting information about the Castlevania series found on the web.


Webmaster: Hoonis

Confetti Guts' site button

silly little personal site/nostalgia zone dedicated to my experience on the late 2000s-early 2010s web!!! features graphics, a blog, music, art and more. run by a strange being goin crazy on her computer

mikufan3939’s miku hell

Webmaster: Meek

Miku Fan 3939's site button

I just like decorating with miku and talking about miku and loving miku and Yeah

Autistic As Fxxk

Webmaster: Rachel

Autistic as Fuck's site button

For Autistic punks, rebels and misfits forging their own path in a neurotypical world. Raise your middle finger to neuronormativity! 🖕🖕🏿🖕🏾🖕🏽🖕🏼🖕🏻

chao garden

Webmaster: Chao

Chao Garden's site button

this is my first ever neocities, so i'm not sure exactly what it would be .... its kind of just my personal hoard of everything i like !!


Webmaster: 404

QSO 404's site button

very cringe much autism 100% based also gay


Grey's Webbed Site

Webmaster: Grey

The Cat in Grey's site button

My site is mostly dedicated to the classic Petz games and the old web, with a little bit of Minecraft and Stray for fun and flavour!

in your dreams!

Webmaster: Nora

Dae Drms's site button

queer personal blog to document random stuff as a queer and trans person!!



Webmaster: Wasp

The personal website of Wasp, an autistic artist and creative!


Frequency Modulator

Webmaster: Spencer

An aesthetically strange website created by an aesthetically strange person. Contains personal discussions, special interests, and much more!


Webmaster: Lorelei

a personal, self-indulgent site! includes graphics, art, ramblings, & more :]



Webmaster: Zin

An archive of the websmaster's special interest and headworld of nearly a decade, based around an AU of pokemon (now with rabbits?)


Webmaster: Maggie

A personal website dedicated to my art and all my interests, and basically just everything that makes me me!


Webmaster: Jamie

Personal website to completely indulge in my wide variety of interests and share lists of other cool or useful sites!

cc's personal website

Webmaster: CC

My little home away from social media for my art, my fics, and my many miscellaneous interests.


Webmaster: Iso

Personal website that acts like a journal



Webmaster: Vurren

autistic creature on the internet



Webmaster: Claire

Just my cute little personal website!


1dkreally's lovely hovel :3

Webmaster: 1dk

a personal site with collections of graphics and shrines dedicated to whatever the webmaster is thinking about that week :]

★ Nickolox's Web Corner ★

Webmaster: Nick

I'm a 2D and 3D artist, this site is for sharing my works! There's also a LOT of Waluigi xD


Webmaster: Emily

a personal site where i share my art and love for things i enjoy! ♥



Webmaster: Zombie

my silly corner on the internet for random stuff :3


jasmine's journal

Webmaster: Jasmine

a personal journal of sorts by an indonesian illustrator and multimedia designer


Webmaster: Kiki

my little cute pink corner of the internet



Webmaster: Wolf

A fun personal website to talk about my interests!



Webmaster: Pastry

A personal site where I host my stream times, art, and other fun stuff! My site is labeled mature for sexual humor, gore, and horror!


Webmaster: Gabe

Personal website, blog, character journal, media tracker, shrine to my special interests!

Candypop Garden

Webmaster: Candypop

A fansite focused on the Pikmin world and all the things I love and want to share about it!

The NatM Search

Webmaster: Ian

The NatM Search is an archival project dedicated to finding and preserving media related to the Night at the Museum franchise.


Webmaster: William

A love letter to life and all it has to offer. Hang around to read the passionate ramblings of a(n autistic) madman.


Webmaster: Cheet / Vinny

my personal site for sharing art and characters, along with virtual pets and sporadic blog posts.

purgamentum exit

Webmaster: Marina

a personal site where I post about my interests: paper crafts, postcards, snail mail, my favorite videogames, spooky stuff, etc – essentially, a digital scrapbook of sorts.

crisis city

Webmaster: Corvidae

my personal corner of the web! :)



Webmaster: Thorn

An amateur personal website where I share my art, things I find interesting, a playlist of my favorite songs, essays I think are cool, websites I think are neat, and way too many buttons

The Birdcage

Webmaster: Jay

A mess of a website run by a very tired transmasc. A little bit of everything; shrines, resource links, even a blinkie wall.


Webmaster: Santiago

a bunch of stuff i like or want others to know of



Webmaster: Duck

A webnovel that happens to be the author's primary special interest; a story about space, pocket dimensions, coming to terms with your past, and living despite.

itpuddle's projects

Webmaster: Koda Star

Personal hub for a fluidflux creator featuring original comics, art, animations & web projects.

Roselle's World

Webmaster: Roselle

The mind of a strange, whimsical autistic. Writing, book discussions, art, and more!

Pizzacat Delights' Cozy Home

Webmaster: Pizzacat Delights

Welcome to my cozy home, also known as my website.



Webmaster: Nox

tsumugsfish is a pretty epic website. i talk alot! and you can read it! sometimes if im feeling silly ill talk about MY INTERESTS.... im normal about them though TRUST

bigtub's webbed site

Webmaster: Bigtub

collection of gifs, shrines, some writing, some art


Owl's Roost

Webmaster: Owl

Stories, articles, music, and creations galore, all written by the queer owl living in your attic. Rated 13+.


Webmaster: Oliver / NeonNights

Just a place to share my projects, things I'm interested in, and info about autism! Also a blog!


Webmaster: Med

Sometimes I slap my keyboard and cool stuff comes out :3 but more often than not I just post about visual novels


Webmaster: Astro

personal site of a "lifelong sensory issues haver" that includes major early 2000's nostalgia, one webcore-ass blog and (coming soon!) some educational pages on folk music + my other special interests!


Webmaster: Spencer

small personal site where i share things i like as i slowly teach myself how to code!


Webmaster: Ashton

an unthemed, ever-changing personal ramble blog

ironminer888's site

Webmaster: Tyler

My cringe-ass (affectionate) little personal NeoCities where I post about stuff I'm interested in.


Webmaster: Dariius

personal site for me to post about things i rlly like with no limits :D


Chocola's Boxes

Webmaster: Maw

A mess. A lovely mess though



Webmaster: con

Personal website for arts, words, and metaphorically shiny things.

dusk stars

Webmaster: Bones

my personal site! features night in the woods, sinistcha, and a whole lot of autism!


Webmaster: Aster

a personal site for blogging, collecting, and sharing! it's hard to sum up what testtubesterone really is, but i can say it is my personal safe haven on the web

Beeku's Arcade

Webmaster: Beeku

Personal blog filled with art, collections, special interests, and all things cute!


ghost pepper garden

Webmaster: Pepper

A personal website by an autistic and disabled webmaster that features shrines to my interests, my writing and ocs, my self-ships, and really just anything on my mind!

It's just "Dave Miller"

Webmaster: Dave Miller

An experiment in recovering from "cringe culture" by making a space where I can be unapologetically me-- which includes being "stereotypically autistic".

Cynosure Station

Webmaster: Josie

A place for me to write about music, my life, and my special interests. Oh, also it's train-themed.


Webmaster: Dazhak a.k.a Divine Providence

KROKODIL is my playground and hoard, featuring arts, informations and collections. Permanently morphing further into filth since Day 1!

Ari's Garden

Webmaster: Ari

Personal website where I keep track of the things that I enjoy as a reminder to myself that I do, in fact, still enjoy things


Webmaster: Aaron

aapplesayce's site button



Cait Sith

Webmaster: Rosalia

Personal site for an artist, (Guilty) gear head, Nintendo nerd, and fighting game fan.


Webmaster: Sophia

The website of Bonesdale, an internet-based, leftist micronation.


just my little corner of nonsense :)

Webmaster: Bead

A space where i can organise my art, infodumps, resources, book reviews, gifs, etc! Just a way for me to express myself and sort my stuff out pretty much

The Well of Id

Webmaster: Lestat

Personal website full of goth autism & infodumping.

Webmaster: Paws

A website dedicated to the things that make me happy - a museum of items and images and sounds that contribute to the spark of joy in my life. My toy chest, my yarnball, and most importantly, my litterbox.


Webmaster: Bee

Personal site of Bee aka hivemindmoshpit, an autistic illustrator and designer with a love for all things creepy and cute