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Welcome to the Autists Online webring! This is a webring for websites on the indie web with autistic webmasters. We believe that autistic identity and expression is something to be accepted and embraced! Any site is allowed, so long as the webmaster is autistic (professional diagnosis, or self-diagnosis with the proper amount of research), and as they follow the rules set below!

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How to join:

If you follow the above rules, and you're interested in joining the Autists Online Webring, copy and fill out the form below, then e-mail it to macaque.webmaster@proton.me with a subject line that directly mentions the listing! (For example, 'Autists Online Application'.)

We ask that you do not use the word 'Asperger's' in your site description. You can use it on your own personal site; we just like to avoid that label on this site specifically, due to who it was named after (ie, a Nazi).

I check for new applicants every Friday, so please take care to check back to see if and when you've been accepted! Once you're in, please put one of these codes wherever you want the webring's widget to be:




Showing how the badge widget looks


Showing how the text widget looks



And voila! You're in! You're showing off your autistic pride; now consider checking out the other sites in the ring, and start connecting with people like you!