A link symbol   i've always been an avid writer. i mostly indulge in fanfic and tell stories, but something I really love is to be able to communicate thoughts, ideas and information. unfortunately, unlike fanfic (which I can throw onto ao3), my silly little thought essays don't have much of a place online. i can post them in twitter threads and tumblr posts, but it feels like they don't really belong there. i don't have much of a place to put them.

so, that's what this place is! for, basically, informal essays, sharing my thoughts, infodumping in a coherent way; however you wish to label it.

if you're interested in the previously-mentioned fanfics, you can check that out on my ao3, which is on my about page, azuremist. this place doesn't contain fanfic; it's a library of my own personal writing. use it well, and don't tear the pages, please!

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12.31.22 2022 year in review

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5.28.22 how celeste taught me to be kind to myself

5.15.22 hunter is autistic

4.20.22 gary goodspeed is autistic

4.13.22 red son is autistic

12.22.20 mondo oowada has bpd